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 Firearm Training Manual  83

at the cartridges. Squeeze six shots. If the barrel drops or rises on either squeeze, the shooter is anticipating the shot. 
Snapping the trigger will cause the barrel to jump resulting in an erratic shooting pattern. Although the barrel may jump a fraction of an inch, the angling has caused the bullet to be off several inches by the time it reaches the target. 
e. Dry Firing 
Erratic shooting patterns may be corrected once the shooter learns to concentrate on the "sight picture" and not the recoil. The student should be allowed to practice shooting the firearm without ammunition. This is called, "dry firing." 

1. Establishing the Dominant Eye. (Instructor Discussion) 

4. Breathe Control 

Breathing is important in good shooting. When breathing normally, the shooter's chest movement will cause changes in the sight alignment and sight picture. Proper breath control does not cause the weapon to move. 
Several deep breaths before firing will draw extra oxygen into the lungs. The shooter can refrain from breathing for the few seconds that it takes to get the firearm into alignment and fire it. Holding the breath too long will cause the body to tremble. It will also cause the sights to become fuzzy since the eyes may begin to water. 
Taking a final deep breath and exhaling will help complete a string of fire without additional breathing. 



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