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 Firearm Training Manual  77

  (2) Left-handed position on barricade. 
3 Kneeling Position (Demonstration and Practice). 
  a. Kneeling on one knee, the other knee is extended toward the target. 
  b. One arm may be supported on the forward knee. 
  c. The firearm may be held by one or both hands. 
4. Sitting Position (Demonstration and Practice). 
5. Prone Position (Demonstration and Practice). 
6. Cover and Concealment. 
  a. Know what you are behind (barricades made of wood or metal). 
  b. Locate your next position. 
  c. Do not leave cover if you do not have to. 
  d. Do not confuse concealment with cover (define). 
      (1) Concealment -- being hidden from view. 
      (2) Cover -- protection from fire. 
7. Bouncing/Ricocheting Bullets: Instructor discussion 
In shooting, the path a bullet travels can not be controlled. Bullets will bounce and ricochet after striking an object, including a person. Bouncing bullets can result therefore in the injury or death of an innocent person, even one who is far away. The potential for injury from a bouncing bullet requires you to be aware of this possibility in a shooting. 
In addition to shooting only if you are justified, you may want to order people to fall on the floor or take cover before shooting. 

D. Grip

The proper grip is very important. If the firearm is not gripped properly, the shot will not be accurate. The firearm cannot be gripped correctly unless it fits the shooter's hand. The proper shooting handgrip places the firearm in the webbing 


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