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 Firearm Training Manual  74

(a) Insure cartridges are correctly aligned 
(b) Know the capacity of the magazine. 

2. Placing Magazine into the Firearm (Slide locked open) 

(a) Grasp firearm with strong hand, pointing it in a safe direction. 
(b) With the magazine in weak hand, place index finger along leading edge of the magazine pointing toward the top of the magazine. 
(c) Rotate strong wrist outward until the magazine well is visible. 
(d) Insert magazine smoothly and firmly into the magazine well until it locks. Do not "slam" magazine into the firearm. 
(e) Keep finger away from trigger, release slide. Do not ease slide forward. Allow recoil spring to freely move the slide. 
(f) Activate safety or decocking lever. 

1. Proper Unloading Procedures (right-handed) 

a Revolver 
To unload the revolver, the procedure is almost identical to the loading procedure. 
1. Place the revolver in the left hand as in the loading procedure. 
2. Open the cylinder as in the loading procedure. 
3. Place your second and ring fingers of the left hand through the cylinder housing in the frame. 
4. Point the barrel up. 
5. With the ejector rod, push the empty casings forcefully out of the cylinder. It may be necessary to pull some of the casings out with your right hand if they do not fall out. 
6. Allow brass to fall freely. (Discussion). 
b. Semi-Automatic 
1. Point firearm in a safe direction, keeping finger away from trigger.


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