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 Firearm Training Manual  73

B. Loading and Unloading Procedures 
1. Proper Loading Procedures 

There are proper methods of loading and unloading a firearm. If firearms are not allowed in the classroom, the instructor at the range may demonstrate this portion of instruction. 
1. Proper Loading Procedures (right-handed) 

a. Revolver 
1. Grasp the revolver grip in the right hand. 
2. Place the revolver so that the front of the trigger guard (where it joins with the bottom of the frame) is resting in the webbing between the thumb and index finger of the left hand. 
3. Release the cylinder with your right hand. This is accomplished by either pushing or pulling the cylinder release depending on the type of revolver used. 
4. Push the cylinder to the left of the gun using the second finger and ring finger of the left hand. At this point, the cylinder should be cradled with the thumb on one side and the second and ring fingers of the left hand on the other. 
5. Pointing barrel down, (in a safe direction) insert the empty cartridges (inert training rounds in the classroom, live ammunition on the range or on duty) with the right hand. Turn the cylinder as needed with the thumb of the left hand. 
6. Speed loaders and other loading devices must be compatible with weapon and grip. (Demonstration and discussion). 
7. To close the cylinder, put the cylinder release in the open position. Gently 
but firmly close the cylinder. Let go of the cylinder release. Turn the 
cylinder until it locks in place. Do not slam or snap the cylinder. If you do, 
you may bend the tip of the extractor and the cylinder will not open again. 

b. Semi-Automatic Loading Procedures 
1. Loading the Magazine 


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