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 Firearm Training Manual  70

Check the tightness of the screws on the side plate of the handgun, the screw holding the stocks, and all other visible screws. 

b. Ejector Rod 
Check the area between the ejector rod and cylinder well into which it fits to determine if it is clean and if the ejector drops neatly into the recess. 
Examine the ejector rod to determine if it is bent or marred in anyway. Check it for looseness, tighten if necessary. 
c. Firing Pin (those with exposed firing pins) 
Check the firing pin for looseness and penetration. 
d. Cylinder Alignment 
Check for excessive looseness by cocking the hammer. If there is excessive play, the weapon should be inspected by a competent gunsmith. 
e. Exterior 
The handgun may develop rust spots from perspiration or climate. Check for cracks in exterior. 
f. Hammer 

Check to see that it cocks, jar the butt to see if hammer falls on its own. 

2. Semi-Automatic 
a. Barrel 
Check for excessive looseness with slide forward. 
b. Frame 
With weapon field stripped, examine slide rails for cracks, burrs or excessive wear. 
c. Slide 
With weapon field stripped, examine all contact surfaces for cracks, burrs or excessive wear. 


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