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 Firearm Training Manual  67

a. To treat all firearms as though they are loaded. 
b. To never point a firearm at anyone unless there is a legal justification to shoot. 

c. That semi-automatics eject hot casings, sometimes at high velocity, creating a hazard and distraction. (Discussion)

1. Specific Safety Rules. (Range Safety Rules - demonstrate and explain as appropriate) 

Inform students that on the range, strict discipline must be maintained. Carelessness will not be tolerated. Point out the following: 

a. Students are to pay strict attention to the range officer who will provide instruction. 
b. Never anticipate a command. Wait for a command to be announced. 
c. All firearm training must be properly and adequately supervised. 
d. Upon picking up a firearm, render it safe: 
(1) Revolver - Open cylinder and check chambers. 
(2) Semi-automatic - remove magazine, lock slide to rear and check chamber. 
e. Never give a firearm to, or take a firearm from, anyone unless the action is open. 
f. Before loading a firearm, be sure there are no obstructions in the barrel. 
g. Load only after position is taken at the firing line and the command to load has been given. 
h. Unload when and as instructed. 
i. Keep the firearm pointed down range at all times, when not holstered. 
j. Keep the finger away from the trigger except when ready to fire. 
k. No talking is allowed on the firing line except for instructions to the shooters. 
l. Never permit the muzzle of a firearm to touch the ground. 
m. Never let the hammer down on a live cartridge. Raise free hand to signal instructor. 
n. In case of a misfire, keep the barrel pointed down range and raise free hand to signal instructor. 
o. Never fire a succeeding shot after a malfunction. Keep barrel pointed down range and raise free hand to signal instructor. 
p. Never carry a loaded firearm onto the range or leave the firing line without first unloading the firearm. 
q. Never walk in front of the firing line until it has been cleared and the command is given to go forward. 
r. Never dry fire on the range except under supervision of the instructor. 
s. No one is to be allowed on the firing line except those firing and instructors. 


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