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 Firearm Training Manual  61

Civil liability is the potential non-criminal legal consequences one incurs from the com-mission or omission of an act. A civil liability is separate from the criminal process and can not result in a person being arrested or sentenced to jail or prison. Civil judgement may result in a civil trial and one party being ordered by the civil court to pay money to another party for "damages." The process generally involves one party filing a civil suit against another party in a civil court. The parties to a civil process are the "Plaintiff or Petitioner" and the "Respondent or defendant".

For example, suppose a guard fatally shoots a fleeing suspect in the back. The guard, his employer, and any other person party to the shooting, such as a supervisor, may be subjected to a civil suit for the shooting and wrongful death of the deceased. This means, for example, that the civil trial may find that the guard has deprived the family of the love, comfort, and financial support of the deceased. If the family members win the civil law suit, the guard, employer and other parties responsible for the deadly shooting may be required to pay monetary damages to the family of the deceased.

In the example given above, a guard shot and killed a fleeing suspect in the back. The guard may be subject to criminal prosecution and a prison sentence AND subject to a lawsuit resulting in the guard being ordered to pay money to the suspectís survivors.


A. The revolver and semi automatic, ammunition, parts and nomenclature.

1. Picture of revolver and semi-automatic with parts identified.

a. A picture of a revolver with parts and identified is located on page 64.

(See Illustration A)

b. A picture of a semi-automatic with parts and identified is located on page 65

(See Illustration B)

  1. Revolver and semi-automatic, parts and description. (Instructor Discussion)

I. Revolver

a. Frame

b. Cylinder

c. Trigger guard

d. Trigger

e. Stock or grip

f. Barrel

g. Ejector rod

h. Front sight

i.  Top strap

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