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 Firearm Training Manual  54

situation and consider an appropriate response to each case. An appropriate response to the case may be one of the following: the use of a firearm; use a lessor type of force, such as a baton; engage in de-escalating behaviors to reduce the conflict and avoid the use force, such as physically withdrawing from the conflict; or engage in cover and concealment and prepare to only observe and report. CASE STUDIES Case Study #1

You are patrolling a large parking lot of a retail store when you are told that there is an armed robbery in progress. You turn towards the entrance of the store and see a man with a gun in his hand run out the front door, turn and run away from you and down the public street. Case Study #2

You are working in a shopping center. You are told by a citizen that there is a person acting strangely in an outdoor parking lot. The citizen believes that the person is drunk or possibly under the influence of drugs. You arrive at the scene where a crowd has gathered around a large male approximately 16 to 18 years old in an incoherent and agitated state. You identify yourself and the subject becomes even more agitated. The subject takes a large knife from his pocket, extends the blade, and begins to advance toward you as the crowd moves out of his way. Case Study #3

You have been told that a burglary has occurred earlier in the evening at a warehouse you are guarding. The suspects were observed leaving the scene in a blue 1995 Dodge.

Later that night, while patrolling the parking grounds in a well-marked security vehicle, you observe a similar vehicle traveling through the parking lot at a slow speed with the headlights off. You see a flash come from the driver's side of the suspects' vehicle and



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